Chamber Ambassador Program

In 2019, the Cashiers Area Chamber welcomed the beginning of its Chamber Ambassador Program as part of our ongoing efforts to connect and engage with community businesses and citizens and help our newest members utilize the benefits of joining the Chamber to its fullest.

The Chamber Ambassador Program promotes member commitment and retention by creating a greater awareness of the benefits of membership, guiding new members on cultivating a solid alliance, and helping develop and encourage member participation in Chamber events and the community.

WHO ARE THE CHAMBER AMBASSADORS? A select volunteer group of highly motivated individuals who understand the benefits of Chamber membership and participation and offer their time and knowledge to support the Chamber, our community, and the Ambassador Program.


  • Opportunity to facilitate relationships with current, new and prospective Chamber members
  • Greater connection and awareness to Chamber happenings, Community, and membership
  • Opportunity to speak directly on business affiliations, relationships and initiatives


  • Offers greater community engagement
  • Sees higher membership recruitment and retention rates
  • Experiences increased involvement from new and existing members
  • Showcases improved event management
  • Facilitates greater communications with members
  • Continuously improves exposure to the Cashiers Area

A CHAMBER AMBASSADOR’S work and commitment help serve the Chamber’s mission to Provide extraordinary Leadership in the Cashiers Area as an Advocate for business, Information Source for the community, and Conduit for building destination awareness and responsible growth.

 If you are interested in becoming a Chamber Ambassador, or having one assigned to you, please call the Chamber office at 828-743-5191.