Bee Farm & Honey Tasting Tour
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A honey apiary tour will give you the opportunity to wear a traditional bee suit, participate in a personal meet and greet with the bees, inspect a hive with the beekeeper, and take a comprehensive look into the fascinating world of the honeybee. After coming to an understanding of bees you will be able to taste the delicious fruits of their labor and partake in a relaxing indoor honey tasting guided by one of 4 Americans registered with the Italian Registry of Honey Sensory Experts. You will discover the different flavors associated with different honeys and how they pair best with a variety of foods. At the conclusion of your tour, visit the honey-processing center and pour your own souvenir bottle of honey; all while enjoying the breathtaking views of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.
From the forest to the hive to your table – let Killer Bees Honey sweeten your day.
Open May through September 30th
Fridays & Saturday’s at 9:30am – 1:30am
Reservations only.
$90 per person

Pure. Natural. Uncensored. 100% free of all toxins and pesticides. Our honey is harvested, hand-bottled, and packaged on our mountain top in Western North Carolina, surrounded by 512,000 farm-free acres of the Pisgah National Forest. Never blended, flavored, heated, or pasteurized.
Experience our natural sanctuary and the bees who call it home (or hive). Tour & Tasting Information, Shop, Honey Subscription and more at


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