With generous financial support from the Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation, the Cashiers Area Chamber recently lead an initiative to provide commercial-grade, foot-operated hand sanitizing stations to independent restaurants in Jackson and Macon Counties. In coordination with the Highlands, Jackson County and Franklin Chambers of Commerce, staff distributed 200 units to help ensure the hygiene and safety of customers and workers. Hand-sanitizing has proven to be a major factor in slowing transmission of the virus. These high-profile unit installations in the local food and beverage industry will promote increased hand washing, generate familiarity with sanitary protocols and instill consumer confidence as our small businesses transition to full recovery. Photo: L-R Glenn Ubertino, Cashiers Area Chamber Board/Zoller Hardware, Travis Boswell, Chamber Member/The Orchard Restaurant & Larder Café, Stephanie Edwards, Cashiers Area Chamber Executive Director, Ashlie Mitchell-Lanning and Robin Tindall, Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation, Dr. Walter Clark, HCHF Board Chair