According to a Small Business Trends 2020 Report (Small Business Trends Alliance SBTA), twenty-seven percent of all small business or franchise owners are female. According to the Business Trends survey, results the number of women who own their own businesses has been growing at four percent increase year over year.  

Compared to the average small business owner, women who start their own business do so for a wider variety of reasons. While more than half of average business owners (55 percent) are motivated to open a business to be their own boss, just 31 percent of women share in that motivation. Twenty-six percent of female small business owners started their own business to pursue their passion, while 15 percent found dissatisfaction in Corporate America and struck out on their own.

Look around the Cashiers Area and one might surmise that these statistics are low compared to our local standards.  Women-owned businesses in Cashiers, Highlands, Glenville, Sapphire, Lake Toxaway and surrounding mountain communities include accommodations, restaurants, retailers, landscapers, interior designers, administrative and business services, home construction, real estate firms, legal and financial services, marketing, health and wellness, recreation, salon and spa, transportation, events management and much more.

During the month of October, the Chamber is taking time to recognize local businesswomen in celebration of National Women's Small Business Month. In partnership with the Crossroads Chronicle, it is underwriting print ad costs in appreciation of the many contributions our local businesswomen make to the Plateau's economic vitality. This month-long program will feature owners and colleagues who wish to promote their business and congratulate Cashiers Area women business leaders. For more information, call Josh Smith, Advertising Representative, 828-526-4114 or contact the Chamber at 828-743-5191 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..