Five properties near Cashiers are listed on the National Register of Historic Places—Camp Merrie-Woode, the Church of the Good Shepherd, Fairfield Inn, the High Hampton Inn Historic District, and the Mordecai Zachary House. Other sites, including those managed by the Cashiers Historical Society, offer a view onto the rich heritage and history that helped create what Cashiers, Glenville, Lake Toxaway and Sapphire have become today.

Camp Merrie-Woode

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High Hampton Inn

CCOC HistoricCashiers HighHampton 300px

Good Shepherd Church

CCOC HistoricCashiers ChurchOfTheGoodShepherd 300px

Zachary-Tolbert House

CCOC HistoricCashiers ZacharyTolbert 300px

Fairfield Inn

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Zachary-Waddell House

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